How long does it take to set up an entity?

  • In Utah, the process of registering an entity can take up to 1 week. Orders made with this request will be processed within 48 hours by the state.
  • We will create the Articles of Organization and get the Federal EIN number for the entity. We will then email you these documents.

Can I change my entity type after registration?

  • Yes. If it is necessary to do so, we can complete the change for a small fee. However, because of the additional cost we recommend that you make a final decision on the entity type prior to filing. Please use our Contact Form if you have questions and would like us to recommend an entity type. Simply provide an explanation of what your business does or will be doing. After you fill out the Get Started form, a qualified Veil consultant will contact you and give you a verbal consultation to ensure everything is set up to best suit your situation.

How much is it going to cost to set up a Utah business entity?

  • For a Utah entity, the initial charge is US $995.00. This includes the 1st year of Registered Agent service and Operating Agreement.

What are the ongoing fees, and what do they cover?

  • Entity setup includes the 1st year of service and operating agreement, after that you will be charged $100 per year.

What do I get after I send my application?

  • After your application is received, you will receive communication from one of our staff members.

How will I receive my Federal Tax ID number?

  • After we complete your entity we will e-mail the LLC documents including the Federal Tax ID Number.

How often am I required to pay taxes?

  • You are required to file taxes with the US Government every year. You may be required to pay taxes to your local County or State. Please check the laws of the county or State where you reside.

Does Veil Corporate provide tax services?

  • We will provide assistance in finding a qualified accounting firm in your area if needed, however, we do not prepare or file the forms for you. Many business entities use an accountant to prepare and manage their US taxes. We can recommend several qualified certified accountants. You can expect to pay between US $250 – $500 for tax service, depending on your business activity throughout the year.

How do I get a U.S. Bank Account, and do I need one?

  • Many individuals choose to set up a U.S. Bank Account. It is best if the bank account is set up in the state where the entity is located to avoid Domesticating Charges. This is a simple process which will only require you to submit your articles of organization and EIN number to the bank. We would recommend using a large bank such as Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi Bank, or other.

Do I need to be set up as a business entity in my state or country?

  • Possibly. This depends on the state or country of your residence. Check with a local attorney if you are unsure.