Each of Veil’s clients is faced with different challenges and opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about the different services Veil offers.  

Summit-Level Package

This package offers an unlimited number of entities. (State filing fees are not included in this Veil package.) In addition to unlimited entities, if you purchase the Asset-Pro Package you will submit a questionnaire that asks questions about your family and financial situation. An attorney will then analyze your situation and create an asset protection blueprint that outlines a strategy designed specifically for your asset protection needs. Once the blueprint is created you will then have the opportunity to speak with the attorney for a phone consultation. This consultation is your chance to hear more about Veil’s strategies and ask questions regarding the attorney’s recommendations.

Once the consultation is complete a team of paralegals, working closely with attorneys, will create your asset protection structure. This process includes filing articles of organization with the states in which your entities will be created. This paralegal will also assist you with interpreting your blueprint, filing the necessary paperwork with the IRS, and working with various state agencies to ensure your entities are organized promptly and accurately.

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Single Entity

Many Veil clients choose to build their asset protection structure gradually, adding one piece at a time. These clients often require only one business entity for their investments. Veil is happy to assist these clients by offering single-entity packages. This package includes a conversation with a paralegal to determine the best state to organize your entity in. A paralegal will then collect the client’s information and file the necessary paperwork with the IRS and the appropriate state agency. Once the entity has been created, Veil will send you all of the entity’s documents for your records.

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Registered Agent

Each state requires that entities organized within its territory have a registered agent located in the state. Registered agents’ primary function is to receive official and legal correspondence on behalf of the entity they represent. Since Veil’s clients have investments spread across the country, it is difficult or impossible for clients to act as their own registered agent. Fortunately, Veil provides a low cost registered service to ensure that its clients are kept informed of important information regarding their entities. This service is flexible: clients can either pay one low monthly fee for unlimited entities, or one low annual fee for a single entity.

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