Registered Agents

Every business must have a registered agent

A registered agent is a person who is designated in the articles of incorporation/organization that will receive service of process or other important documents from the state. All LLCs must choose a person to act as their registered agent. There are no restrictions regarding who can be a registered agent other than the person must be located and available at a physical street address within the state during normal business hours.

Choosing a reliable registered agent is an important business decision. Many companies rely on the Veil Corporate Firm to be their registered agent because we have years of experience demonstrating our commitment to top notch customer service and low fees.

There are several reasons why you should use Veil Corporate’s Registered Agent Service:

  • You don’t maintain a physical address in Utah. By law, you are required to have a registered agent with a physical address (P.O. box are not acceptable) in the state in which your entity is registered. Veil Corporate’s registered agent enables you to complete this requirement.
  • Your address changes frequently. Our registered agent maintains the same address, year after year. If you move, you are required to file a change of address with the state, which is an additional fee. However, if you are using Veil Corporate’s Registered Agent Service, all correspondences are sent to the registered agent, and you only have to notify the registered agent of the address change – there is no cost to do this.
  • Your business is based out of your home. The registered agent address is public record, therefore anybody can access it. Using Veil Corporate as a registered agent protects your privacy, because your legal physical location is that of the registered agent.
  • You prefer private business activites. A registered agent acts as the legal “front door” of your business. If there ever was an incident of being served a law suit, the registered agent will pass that to you privately, so it does not disrupt your customers or clients.

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